Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kyle Turned 3

This last weekend Andrew, Blake, and I celebrated Kyle's third birthday with his family and friends. It has been about six months since I stopped nannying for their family and I do miss those boys!

Here is the Curious George jumpy house. Sarah (the new nanny) is in the red holding her youngest son.

Christy and Tyler's best friends Joe and Andrea recently gave birth to their baby girl Peyton.

This is how Kyle reacted when we sang Happy Birthday to him.

Ready to blow out his candles.

Blake was asleep in the corner (note the party hat on his bucket) until we clapped at the end of the candle ceremony.

Kyle enjoying his cake.

Aden with helmet hair from riding his scooter all around. He can do wheelies now.

Kyle loved every single gift he got. It was nice to be around a thankful child.

We had a great time and Blake loved being at a party. He was a bit overwhelmed, but he loves to watch the kids run around.

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