Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aren't They Incredible

Blake is the luckiest guy around. My father and grandfather just finished making a block set for Blake. Here is what my grandfather had to say about the blocks:

"The 114 blocks, made from scrap alder and oak hardwood obtained free from Hughes Hardwood, have been left unfinished. The three storage boxes, 8 1/2” wide x 12” long x 6” high, made from white oak salvaged from the North Ridge Country Clubhouse when it was rebuilt in 1998, are finished with environmentally safe varnish. In addition to cutting the largely modular blocks (on a base cube of 1 3/4”), many hours of router work and hand-sanding have gone into the blocks to not only smooth them, but also to round out all edges & corners for safety and to minimize potential splintering."

Not only will Blake grow up playing with one-of-a-kind blocks, but now the two woodworking geniuses are building Blake a toy box. Here are some photos of the work in progress.

I am so thankful for all of the hard work they have put into the blocks and toy chest. The two of them create such great stuff and they never cease to amaze me with their craftsmanship. I love you guys.


Hurstmom's Blog said...

Oh My, what a work of love. You guys are masters!!!

Caroline said...

Those are sooooo cool! What a lucky boy Blake is to have all of those hand made blocks!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to announce to your dad way early when I get married or have a kid, so I can pay him to make me one of a kind blocks. They remind me of some I had when I was a kid!