Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blake's first mom-made sweater!

All of my friends post the fun things they knit or crochet on their blogs so I am going to start virtually displaying some of mine. Here is my first attempt at a crocheted baby sweater. It is so tiny so I hope I have enough energy to someday make a bigger one. I still need to attach a fastener.



Anonymous said...

The sweater is absolutely adorable!! I told your mother she should give you a list of the babies and year of birth that she knew who used this bassinet - and maybe you might write them on the underneath side of it - if the surface allows it. (like a family bible!! ) I think my future daughter-in-law is going to teach me to crochet - and I will teach her to knit (basic stitches only). Happy stitching to you! :~)

Anonymous said...

That is super cute I will email my blanket picture today.

Anonymous said...

This sweater is awesome! It looks great! I'm glad you're posting some of your projects on your blog now =)