Sunday, October 7, 2007


Yesterday Shannon and I met a couple friends of ours (Peter, Danika, and their baby Jocelyn) at the Berkeley Juggling Festival and had a ton of fun. Peter and I juggled most of the time while Shannon, Danika, and Jocelyn went shopping in Berkeley, then we rounded out the day with dinner at the Pyramid Brewery down the street. It was a great day.

Peter has been juggling much longer than I so he taught me a few things. We did the standard four-count pass, two-count (throw every other), threw in a few tricks to each other, then he taught me to pass 7 clubs with two people. I never did get the total hang of it, but next time I should be much better.

We also juggled in a couple groups of three, and five doing larger patterns. Almost everyone there was better than me but it was fun because there was lots to learn from them.

After the dinner Shannon and I went back to see the show, and we got to see Vova Galchenko at the end of the show juggling 7 clubs and doing a few other neat tricks, very cool.

Ok, enough writing, time to go practice more!

And of course a few photos from the juggling festival.

juggling 1.jpg

juggling 2.jpg

juggling 3.jpg

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