Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Pictures From Canada

Here are more pictures from when we visited Banff National Park in Canada with Ellen, David, and Walter.

The car in front of us broke down right as we got to the entrance to Banff. David is pushing, but Andrew is along for the ride!
erin 1.jpg

Here I am taking a break before we climb up a hill to sit in the hot spring pool.
erin 2.jpg

We soaked up all the good minerals and were ready for more Banff.
erin 3.jpg

Walter and Ellen in front of the great RV at the waterfalls.
erin 4.jpg

The waterfall.
erin 5.jpg

Our view as we leave the park.
erin 6.jpg

Those Canadians sure do know how to make beautiful mountains.
erin 7.jpg

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