Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I've been work wardrobe thrifting so I can build my base of basics.  

 I finally found the black harem pants I was looking for at the mall for $17.99.  We will see how long those hold up.  The shirt is my own and the beads were $4 and the shoes were $3.

I scored these basics!  $7 dress, $6 heels, $4 & $7 skirts, and $3 beads.  Will my signature look become one with those junky, thrift store beads?  You betcha!

It will take some time to get comfortable with bright colors like beautyandbows does.


gloria scott said...

Shannon you are one of those women that could make a gunny sack look stylish...just sayin

Tehut said...

I'm with Gloria!