Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sew Again

 I just bought fabric for Piper's birthday dress.  I think it is time to rearrange some furniture to establish a new sewing nook.  That is considered normal in Spring time, right?  I can lump myself in with the spring cleaners, right?

My husband was very nice when I told him some big furniture might want to migrate.


Nalle's House Blog
Design Sponge
Now Craigslist, I wave my wand at you to produce an inexpensive, light colored, 36" round pedestal table.


gloria scott said...

That table looks exactly like the one Mom and Dad had in their kitchen. Glen refinished it for me and fixed the legs. Better than new now. It has good memories. I have it in my condo!

Shannon said...

You better get sewing on it then Gloria.