Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have beef.  I just finished the book Bloom written by Kelle Hampton and I was so surprised to find out that people are in an up rage about her.  She gave birth to her second child, who has Down's Syndrome, and blogged and wrote about her experience.  It amazes me that people are treating her like she is a horrible person.  This is her story about how she reacted to her own situation.  It is out there for you to read and experience, but you can't tell someone how they should have reacted.  I found it to be a book that centered my emotions.  It grounded me even more into the world of mothering.  Her blog is being criticized for being "too happy."  You idiots.  Do you think she wants to post all the unhappy times?  Do you think it is fun to photograph pain?  It is hard enough to watch your kids in pain, let alone document it all the time.  Give her a break.

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