Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Gathering

Walter's service was very peaceful and the weekend has been full of great stories and life celebration. The photo books are amazing and it is hard not to romanticize Walter's farming photographs. You can't say Walter didn't live a full, compassionate, or hearty life. Cheers to you Walter.

Here we are at Uncle Glen and Aunt Karen's:

Blake loved the caramel popcorn Aunt Shirley always brings:

Karen and Anne:

Myron and Erin:

Ellen describing photos to Angie:

The backyard setup:


The girls went for a shopping trip in Fresno. Megan drove us (along with Sandy and Shirley):

The next day there was work to be done on the patio at Ellen's house. Blake helped dig out some dirt and rocks. Shirley and Jessica worked their fingers to the bone:

Cleaning up at day's end:

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