Sunday, July 8, 2007

Moss Landing Camping

Shannon and I drove down to Moss Landing to meet my Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Nick and Mia (oh and of course Peggy) for camping. First trip out in the new RV!

Shannon and I slept in the Prius, but not for lack of room in the RV. That thing has tons of room with the pop-out. We just put a blow up mattress inside the Prius and inflated it when all the seats were laid down. Lots (ok, well some) room. But it was comfy.

We went to the beach a lot, took the dogs around, and finished up by going to another beach on Sunday where we could (attempt) to surf. The water was pretty choppy though.

More photos.

Shannon and I's birthday cakes (with matchstick candles)
mosslanding 2.jpg

Shannon and Mia in the Prius with the mattress blown up.
mosslanding 4.jpg

Moss Landing sunset
mosslanding 16.jpg

Walking to the beach
mosslanding 13.jpg

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Compliments on the excellent "moss landing sunset photo.