Monday, October 9, 2006

Baby Balland's Baby Shower

In December, our friends Peter and Danika are expecting their first baby. They don't know if it is a boy or a girl so we look forward to their surprise. Here are some pictures. I was lucky to be appointed "Games Coordinator" along with my friend Skyla. Here are some pics:

The happy couple opening cute gifts:

Danika is enjoying the "Poopy Candybar Diaper" game and is smelling one of the numbered diapers trying to guess which kind of candy bar is in it:

What is a shower without a pinata? Here is Peter taking his best jab at the dino:

Danika gets in there not wanting to hurt or maim anything to do with her soon to be child:

I had enough of the "gentle" play and had to step in and blow the thing to smithereens:

Each party-goer then got a chance to guess how big Danika's belly was with a chosen length of string (Peter's guess fit twice around her...ugg, men):

The only baby at the party was Skyla and Casey's adorable son Aiden. He slept through some of the festivities:

I got to love Aiden up once he was awake (sorry for the scary face):

Skyla loving her baby:

I got to make the cookies to give away as shower goodies. They were fun to make and decorate:

Bring on Baby Balland!!!

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