Tuesday, May 2, 2006

House For Sale

Our house has officially been on the MLS for 5 days now. Too bad it would have sold by now if it was two years ago!!! I just had the first realtor/buyer come through a couple of minutes ago. I wasn't expecting it, but now I know how to be more prepared so bring on the lookers. P.S. The realtor didn't call and give me any warning (tsk tsk).

Here are some photos of the house with some changes. I know you probably are getting bored of my house pictures, but hopefully we will sell it and you won't ever have to lay your eyes on it again.

We painted the front door maroon to give a feng shui kind of welcome:

We replaced some of the Pergo flooring due to some water damage under the fridge. It is a laminate named Tropical Seagrass. We like how it looks, but laminate sounds so cheap when you walk on it:







Our newly staged bed:

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Anonymous said...

the floor looks great!