Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another Great Tahoe Trip

Once again, the Burton's headed up to south Lake Tahoe for their yearly summer vacation. Andrew and I drove up on Friday night to spend the weekend with them. We ate great food and enjoyed everyone's company. Teenie and LuLu even jumped in the lake with us for a refreshing swim. The water was actually the warmest I have ever felt it. Thanks Mom and Dad for creating great memories for us. Also, the canoe was out of commission this year so my father and I didn't get to take our annual morning canoe trips.

Here are some pics:

The gang (from left to right): Tom, Melinda and Snickers, Kristen, Lisa, her boyfriend Carl, Andrew and myself + the doggies


Teenie and LuLu tied up on the deck

Our pier

Gerri and baby James

Lisa and Carl playing the guitar

Lisa and Teenie loving one another

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Anonymous said...

Hi Burton Clan!
Everybody looks like they are having such fun. They are, too. I love the family photo on the deck with the doggies. James has grown so much, and I like his haircut. Too cool. Memories are so great to have, and to build upon. You and your dogs will look back with love and sweet memories of your family events. Be sure to have many, and to take lots of photos.

Paula, Paulie and Mr. Corker