Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wawona Weekend


This past weekend all of Shannon's family and I got together at Wawona in Yosemite for a family reunion. We had a blast.

We stayed up there on June 17-20th, and this is what we did:
17th - hung around the cabin, we got there late
18th - Went into the park, drove around in tour buses, and went to a BBQ
19th - Me, my Dad, and the Burton men went into the park for picture taking and hiking, then later that day we had dinner at the Wawona. Late that night, we went up to Glacier point for night photographs.
20th - A visit to Mariposa Grove of Giant Seqouias, and we were full.

You can see a gallery of all of the action here:

Everyone is really excited for next year, and we're trying to figure out a good place to go as we speak.


Anonymous said...

Andrew and Shannon,
What lovely pictures from your trip to Yosemite! I especially like the family picture. You should enlarge that one and frame it. Itt's great to have a family picture where everybody looks good. This is a keeper. Your trip sounded fun. I miss our fmaily trips now that my Mom and Dad are gone, and my brothers are so far away. Enjoy eachother while everybody is still here. You just never know what the future will hold. Family trips are what memories are made of, and they can never take them away. Enjoy every one of them.

Paula and Paulie and of course, the Pero Rojo

Anonymous said...

Andrew - the photos are wonderful (as usual).

Keep up the good work!